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Al Sajaa Shipping Agency (ASSA) deals in both air and sea freight services with the support of its immensely qualified and experienced staff, who are involved in these operations with total commitment and the urge to satisfy its clients.

Our cargo management services that include loading/unloading, clearance services, crane operations, cargo transportation and cargo storage are well managed by our special cargo handling staff.

ASSA offers its cargo management services for all types of cargo and it currently operates in most of the major ports in the United Arab Emirates.

ASSA is also a specialist in dealing with all sorts of cargo handling procedures. Basically ASSA ’s clients just have to sit back in their chairs and have all their cargo related operations resolved in a flash.

Our cargo operations includes providing clearance documents, both for import and export of goods, and other formality services required at that particular time.

ASSA also manages cargo handling by providing crane facilities for loading and unloading, trailer facilities for transportation of goods, including long-term and short-term cargo storage facilities.

In short, our agency is all that you will need to have your work done in a quick, quality and cost-effective manner.

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